Resources is a great forum and general resource for everything Permaculture related. They even have a Pacific Northwest board for region-specific issues. Register and take a day or two to snoop around, there’s a tremendous amount of knowledge to be found in these forums.

Tree Encyclopedia – Explore over 3500 pictures of over 450 tree species via large diagnostic photos, detailed botanical and landscape information. Great full size pictures for identification.

Soil and Health Library – This website provides free e-books, mostly about holistic agriculture, holistic health, and self-sufficient homestead living. has a great “How To Compost” section, linked in the column on the left side of this page. Nitrogen to Carbon ratios, Anaerobic Vs Aerobic, from vermicomposting to bokashi, it’s all covered here.

Cornell University’s Vegetable Growing Guides are a great resource for 58 basic garden vegetables, listing site and plant characteristics, growing information, and varieties. The Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners site, linked at the top right of this page and also maintained by Cornell, is a sort of Yelp for seeds – reviews, growing experiences, and basic descriptions of the plants themselves.

First time gardening? Just moved to a new city? Or want a basic description of what can be grown in your area? Try the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. While some gardeners take pride in their “zonal denial” and ability to grow plants in zones they shouldn’t be able to according to this map, it’s a great resource for getting to know your area in terms of “official” zonal classification and plant selection.

The Cook’s Thesarus is a great resource for cooking, particularly if you don’t have an ingredient called for in a recipe but want to find a substitute. Also a great way to match your tastes to new food you haven’t tried yet.

Local Harvest is a resource that you can use to find local food from farms, farmer’s markets, and CSAs near your home. A great tool for charting the food map of a given area, and they also have events and online forums.

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