GreenManProject Vision

To document and distribute my own gardening projects and studies, beginning in my backyard and traveling first by bicycle, then by car, bus or even airplane.

To document the food system of Portland, OR, and ultimately the world as I travel, with videos, tutorials, and interviews with the people and organizations that contribute to localizing food production, transportation, and consumption. To emphasize food justice issues such as access, affordability, and health and nutrition quality.

To document Permaculture principles and concepts in theory and practice, in Portland and ultimately worldwide, as well as projects that are not labeled as Permaculture but share those principles and innovate upon them.

To create an online community of gardeners, urban and rural farmers, restaurants, chefs, non-profits, ranchers, business owners, co-operative members, healers, mechanics, grocers, teachers, builders, carpenters, architects, students of Permaculture, BioIntensive, BioDynamic, French Intensive, Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Organic and any other gardening, design, or food production method I can’t remember off the top of my noggin’.

To create a forum for the knowledge and information these people have to be openly and freely discussed, debated, and archived. A place where people with questions can find multimedia resources, connect to knowledgeable people, and discover inspirational, applicable, and adaptable answers to those questions.

Whaddya Think?

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