Why I Began The Green Man Project

I began the Green Man Project because I am an information junkie.


I was raised with the Internet. At the age of 8 my father sat me down in front of a 28.8 modem and explained to me what the world wide web was. He created a username and password for me. The addiction was on. I spent the next 15 years of my life helplessly addicted to technology, lusting for the newest releases, scanning the forums for the beta software that could help me open up locked operating systems, checking developer sites for release dates and mods. In the immortal words of Tron, I became a user, active on the grid.


At the age of 23 something miraculous happened to me. I fell in love with a hippie. This hippie took me out into the woods, into nature, down trails, into rivers and up mountains. This hippie screamed at me: “This is your heritage! You were not born to sit in a cubicle! You need to explore!!!” And I, helplessly lost in love, agreed. I began to balance my technology addiction with a fat dose of mother nature.


At the age of 25, I found a space inside myself that I had not known existed before that. It was a spiritual space, a depth of character that spanned from my ancient ancestors to my grandchildren’s grandchildren, and beyond. It became a grounding power that I could tap into whenever I was out of balance, scared, stressed, or confused. The best way I can describe it in terms of words is that I found my Green Man, my ally, my inspiration. 


As an information junkie, I constantly find myself at the hub of more websites, links, books, zines, photos, and videos than I can intake on my own. I am slowly learning to direct this flow into places where I feel that it will help the most people, as well as the planet. This is what I am attempting to do with the Green Man Project – align my own nature with what nature needs, according to what nature teaches me, through my experience of life.


The Green Man Project will evolve, as I hope to do, daily. It will fail, and it will be victorious. It will empower countless people, if I stay true to my own Green Man. Please help me, and share with me any stories you happen to have that align with my own story. Together we can build a community. Together we can awaken the Green Man and Woman within all of us. I love you.

Nick Xavier


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