Spring Projects

It’s been a busy spring so far here at the GMP…We traveled to the Bay Area to participate in an inspiring Earth Day farm project that we hope will soon evolve into an urban farming training center for the East Bay Area. We’ve been overwhelmed with the love shown for this YouTube video we shot, over 8,000 views and still counting! Check it out here…

We would like to welcome all of you that have found us through this video. We’re working hard to put together some awesome posts about the projects we’ve been working on lately, as well as more essays on the core concepts of this website, namely permaculture, food security, and building community through urban farming.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime connect with us on Facebook and the many other social media platforms on the burlap buttons in the right hand column! We recently posted a poll on our Facebook page, so go ahead and answer it so that we know what you’re interested in seeing in this space as the project progresses.

Much love!

Nick The Green Man


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